Idea 3 ; Political correctness

I asked 10 people these questions, the people I have interviewed are anonymous in order to protect their identity, and not make factors like the individuals gender the main focus rather then their answer.

Do you think that society has become more sensitive ? ;

p1 ; Yes

p2 ; Yes

p3 ; Yes

p4 ; Yes

P5 ; Some what

p6 ; Yes

P7 ; Yes

p8 ; Yes

p9 ; yes

p10 ; yes

Why ? ;

p1 ; There are a lot more people with mental illnesses and people who are dealing with mental illnesses. Furthermore a lot of people complain about very small problems.

p2 ; I think society is focusing on the wrong problems, and they are looking for them as an excuse to make themselves seem more important

p3 ; A lot of people in our society complain more then they did before, where ever I go i constantly see something related to mental health or mental illnesses.

p4 ; Yes, I have noticed first hand that many people react very emotionally to small comments, however I am not sure if people were this sensitive before. Furthermore when ever I go on social media someone is always complaining about something in their life even wealthy people.

p5 ; Yes I think overall people are a lot more sensitive, but their also is a lot more problems in society that people are faced with. For example with poverty, racism, homophobia, bullying etc

p6 ; Yes, A lot more people complain about their lives even when they have very small problems. I think in our society people are always trying to find reasons to complain and our society kind of enables that.

p7 ; Yes, when I am on the internet I see a lot of videos of people crying when in debates or discussions with people. Furthermore I have noticed in my life that people become a lot more emotional whenever they certain topic are brought up, yes I understand some topic can be quite sensitive but its odd to me that many people cry when confronted with them, especially when it has nothing to do with them.

p8 ; Yes, there are more people dealing with depression, and in general people are a lot more emotional.

p9 ; Yes, In our society a lot of people complain more then they did before about small issues in their lives.

p10 ; Yes, the numbers of people dealing with a mental illness has increased drastically in Western society. Also in our society people are always crying about something in their life rather then being strong and trying to overcome it.

Have you ever heard someone say something bigoted ? ;

p1 ; Yes, I have heard multiple different people say offensive remarks, I personally at the time saw no problem however looking back I know some people that may be offended by that.

p2 ;Yes, but those few times, i was only mildly offended, or none at all

p3 ; Yes, I have heard some people make racist comments before to another person I did not personally agree with it but it was not something involving me so I did not speak up.

p4 ; Yes, I have heard offensive comments made before but they were not personally said about me.

p5 ; Yes, I have heard people make offensive comments before but its usually been in quit a comical matter not a serious matter.

p6 ; Yes, I have heard people say homophobic comments I did not agree with it but I did not say anything either because It did not involve me.

p7 ; Yes, I have heard many people make bigoted comments no one was offended I do not hang around people who are sensitive, but I do see other people make the same comments in different settings and people got offended.

p8 ; Yes, I once heard someone say a racial slur, I do not even think they even noticed it, they said it very casually maybe they were genuinely racist.

p9 ; yes, I have heard people make offensive comments however I just ignored it

p10 ; yes, a friend of mine once made a racial slur and I corrected them, I think a lot of people do not even realise when they make some offensive comments

Should people who say racist and homophobic speech etc. be prosecuted for doing so ? ;

p1 ; No, I do not think someone who says something mean should be prosecuted whatsoever unless they are very consistent and extremely aggressive towards the person.

p2 ;If they are explicitly saying they are going to cause harm to whatever group, or are treating them unfairly, yes i do

p3 ; No, I do not think someone should be prosecuted however there should be some type of punishment for example maybe they have to do community service or something.

p4 ; Yes, I do think someone for example a Nazi should be prosecuted because they are encouraging hatred.

p5 ; I do not think people should be put in prison necessarily, however I do think that they should be punished in some sense.

p6 ; No, not unless they are an extremist.

p7 ; prison time is very extreme

p8 ; No, but they should receive some type of punishment

p9 ; No, not unless the person has become violent

p10 ; It depends how racist they have been for example if they have been racist or aggressive towards multiple people.

How should people who say hurtful or offensive remarks be punished if at all ? ;

p1 ; I do not think there should be punishments placed on people who say mean things to others.

p2 ;I don’t think there should be a punishment, because offensive language is subjective, unless they are initiating violence

p3 ; They should do community service but thats only if they have repeatedly made offensive comments.

p4 ; Not sure.

p5 ; If they are an extremely racist or homophobic etc person they they should lose their job or do community work.

p6 ; I think maybe they should do some sort of community work or pay money etc, Prison time is extreme in my opinion.

p7 ; the person should received a warning or pay a fine that’s only if they are persistently racist to many people or violent

p8 ; The person can be fined or have to do community service

p9 ; I think extreme groups of people like Nazi’s should be put in prison however, I do not think they should get an extreme prison time maybe a couple of months.

p10 ;  They couple receive a how arrest or a fine.

Do you think words like mankind and gentlemen are offensive ? ;

p1 ; I do not think words like that are offensive.

p2 ;No, not at all, these words do not effect anybody

p3 ; No, I do not think those words are offensive at all. Whether people use them or not is not going to affect my life what so ever.

p4 ; No I do not think those words are offensive.

p5 ; No I personally do not think those words are offensive but other people might.

p6 ; No, I do not find those words offensive

p7 ; No

p8 ; No those words do not offend me at all

p9 ; No they are just words

p10 ; no

Do you think social privileges should be allowed to minorities when it comes to speech ? ;

p1 ; No because that would then be very unfair to others who do not have that right and will become very counterproductive.

p2 ;No, not at all, as when you give a certain group of people more rights over others, it creates tension and potentially segregation within society

p3 ; No, because they that would be very hypocritical and unfair.

p4 ; No, I do not think minorities should be able to say things that others cant.

p5 ; No, I think when it comes to speech and freedom of speech who should be fair to all people.

p6 ; No, its not fair.

p7 ; no because then that would be hypocritical.

p8 ; No in the long run it will cause a lot more problems as other races would think they are being treated unfairly and want justice

p9 ; No, we should be fair to all people if we want improvement in our society

p10 ; No, if we do that it wont be fair to all people

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