Idea 3 ; Political correctness

Political correctness is topic that many people are beginning to become increasingly more wary about, as certain rights groups such as Black lives matter, LGBT and Feminism progresses and the rights that individuals have on certain types of speech begins to decrease many people are afraid of their rights are beginning to be taken away. The meaning of Political correctness is, the avoidance of forms of expressions or action that can be perceived as insulting to groups of people who are social disadvantaged or discriminated against. I was recently surfing the internet and watched a video about a Comedian who was highly sceptical about the rules placed on comedians today about the types of jokes they could say, to the point were he openly made fun of it in one of his shows. I personally believe that comedy is the biggest indicator on how far Political correctness has progressed as if people are unable in even comedy to offend people, the one environment were you would expect people to be able to speak freely then it says a lot about society. I looked further into the rules on comedy and I was shocked, ridiculous new standards I have never even seen before. The comedians individually should be the only ones who have the right to decide what types of jokes they should say. Let the public decide who they do and do not want to listen to if they are offended and don’t agree with some of the joked that a comedian says then they simply should no longer support that comedian rather then report them or try to make them lose their jobs. Most comedians already know what lines not to cross, but I think the fact that someone could be prosecuted for going against these rules is ridiculous. The best comedians such as Chris Rock, Ricky Gervias, Dave Chappelle etc. have become comedy legends from making jokes about race, stereotypes or fat people.

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Due to political correctness their has been a movement of people who purposely go to Feminist and LGBT protest with the sole intent of trying to expose and embarrass their illogical and emotional beliefs. One of the many conservatives who have become popular for doing this is Owen Shroyer, and their are plenty of videos on YouTube of him doing this. One of the moments in particular that I enjoyed was when he went to a college and read out a paper that was written by one of the Journalist(students) at the school, it was about how White people should die and that they are an abomination to the world. What made the circumstances worse was that the paper was published in the school, if this had been the opposite where someone had written a similar piece about Black people they would have been outraged so I don’t know why they done apply the same standards for white people. He then had discussions with some of the students in the college many of whom had already read the paper and was actually ignoring it or trying to justify it. One of the students in particular said that White people are privileged because they are not negatively judged based on someone else’s actions. However that was very contradictory because the fact that she immediately perceived him as privileged even though she has no knowledge about him or his personal life is exactly that. The whole function of Political correctness only really protects minorities. There are many other political activists/commentators such as Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulous, Lauren Southern, Steven Crowder and many others many of them also work for a platform called Rebel Media, they try to spread and encourage conservatism. Another popular incident that happened was the attack helicopter incident by Lauren Southern. She was debating with a couple of women about the gender pronouns, mentioning that by using their logic of you can identify as what you feel like you are, then she should be identified as an attack helicopter as that is what she feels, as a result she got urine thrown on her. After the incident many people began using the phrase I am an attack helicopter as a way to mock and belittle people within the LGBT community. This is what makes their logic ridiculous, because if we were to accept  it we would be enabling many people especially the mentally ill to continue creating there own fantasy, that fact that people could be prosecuted for going against that makes it even more sinister.

I don’t think that Political correctness is entirely bad however the amount of filters they have on words today is just something that most people could never really live up to. Its almost impossible to say something today without someone somewhere finding it offensive. The whole concept of Political correctness only has an extreme effect on professionals, celebrities and people in the media. One example of how Political correctness has gone to far is with the word Mankind, Prime minister Justin Trudeau corrected a woman when she said the word mankind because its not inclusive to women, and said a more appropriate word to use would be people kind also words like Gentlemen, essentially any word that included the word man or refers to something masculine are slowly becoming no say words, some feminists even want to go as far as ban those types of words or phrases. Something a bit more alarming recently was the “pregnant people” phrase. The government and some transgender and intersex people are not arguing that instead of using the term pregnant women, they should use the term pregnant people as it is more inclusive to transgender and intersex people who have the ability to bear children. Transgender and intersex people make up a very small percentage of society ( less then 2%). Majority of the people who have children are women so changing language to adhere to a very small minority of people is not productive. Not only do they want to control your use of language but also your decisions and rights to choose what partner you want. Many transgender people would now consider it Transphobic is you would not date them. It’s perfectly reasonable for someone especially a man to not want to be in a relationship with a trans woman, as trans woman cant produce and bear children and that is a quality that a lot of men value a lot in a relationship. Furthermore many man naturally would feel uncomfortable being in a relationship with someone who had or has male genitalia. The same rule applies when choosing qualities like height, religion and race in a partner. Something else I find weird about various rights groups is their entitlement, we all know their are words relating to the black lives matter and LGBTQAIP movement that we cant say such as the word Negro or Dyke etc. Strangely many minorities today now have this new concept were they want to take back the meaning of certain words by using them amongst one another. For example many black people very causally call one another the N word, even though they know the background and negative connotations behind it, but yet they attack people who are not black who say it as well. I think this is very hypocritical because when they say those words to one another they send a bad message to other people that it is okay to say it, as well as subliminally demeaning one another. The whole idea that certain groups have the right to say words that others don’t is a privilege itself. If we want equality within society that means we have to be fair to all people otherwise it just becomes very counterproductive.

If I use this topic for my final major project, my intent is to expose the differences in emotional sensitivity between different age groups. I am going to do this by conducting a social experiment where I ask people of different ages questions, interrogate them and also purposely say comments which many people today would find offensive, just to see how they will respond.

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