Overall conclusion

I further researched the Feminism and desensitisation topic, When researching about Feminism I found that many women/girls from my generation millennials etc do not identify as Feminist, although they all believe that women should have rights and equality. That was very interesting to me because it shows that many girls can create a distinction between the purpose of Feminism and their actions, and that the actions of many feminists is more important then what they may say they want to achieve. Secondly I learnt that many women today are more unhappy then the women before them even know they have more rights then them, I dont solely believe that the Feminist movement is the sole cause of this however I do think it shows how certain lifestyles promoted and encouraged by the feminists movement are not beneficial to the happiness of many women. When I was researching about Desensitisation I discovered that the amount of violent crime has increased drastically over the years and that their are many violent subliminal messages that are placed onto children even on programmes that are meant for them. Society and media some what encourages the deterioration of many people especially in Western society and contributes to the mental health that many people feel, this could be said for our lifestyle such as social media, work, diet etc. Furthermore there is a very obvious sexual agenda that is being pushed onto children from younger and younger ages. For example the very easy access of porn sites, which google and the porn industry are not doing any thing about even when statistics show that the mental and physical affects from watching porn for men and women can be very damaging. If I was to use Feminism for my Final major project I want to show how the agenda has affected many young people today especially girls and what their opinions on the agenda is. In order to do this I am going to conduct interviews on very young people. I want my feminism documentary to have a similar style to the R kelly documentary, I want to make it very immersive and personal by having close up interviews which can make the viewers uncomfortable. The majority of the documentary will have interviews but I also want to include a small amount of footage from protests, and scenes where there is a black screen with statistics on mental health etc for a couple of seconds. If I was to use desensitisation of society for my final major project, I want to show extreme examples of violence which was broadcasted and social medias negligence. The main reason why social media violence will be the focus for my video is because almost everyone in the world has access to social media and very often we ignore the real detrimental impacts of it on people mental health. Not only that because as technology continues to progress statistics show that children at younger and younger ages are gives access to phones and tablets. As google and social media cant have perfect control over what content their children watch I think people should be more educated about just what their children are watching. I might use Feminism for my final major project because it is an idea which I am very comfortable talking and writing about because I have researched about it multiple times, another reason is because the topic of feminism itself is very broad and their is a lot more to write about it. Lastly if I were to use the interview documentary style I think it would be really good in theory.Reasons why I might not use feminism for my final major project is because I want to test myself and do something new. Another reason is because, I dont feel entirely comfortable conducting interviews on students because of personal problems. Furthermore many of the students I ask might not give me the amount of information I need for the topic or feel comfortable enough doing it themselves. I might use desensitisation for my final major project because I think it is a topic that is not done often and many people might not know that much about it, therefore I think many people would find it more interesting to watch rather then feminism which is done often. Another reason is because I want to test my knowledge and do something new.I might not use desensitisation of society for my final major project because I dont have as much knowledge on the topic as feminism. Another reason is because when creating my documentary I want to include actual footage of violent events, and it may be to violent for my audience to view furthermore because the process of trying to get these videos itself onto my video is going to be quite difficult and I may not be able to achieve the documentary style I intended to.

Overall in conclusion I think desensitisation is a better topic to use for my final major project because, it is more intriguing and has better potential at being more interesting then feminism.

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