Strengths and weaknesses

Over all I’m a very well rounded person and have a lot more strengths then weaknesses. Its very important to know your strengths and weaknesses and self assess yourself regularly in order so you can develop your skills and improve yourself.

I would say my greatest strength is my organisation and planning, I know this is a strength of mine due to my lifestyle. I regularly like to make plans for my self, for example every morning while I am traveling to school I create a plan for the work I am going to do for the day and also what I am going to do when I get home, for example eat dinner, exercise or revision. This is very helpful for me because it allows me to write down the work I have to do in order so that I do not forget, and it helps me prioritise what needs to be done and what I should leave for a later date. This is my most important strength because having a daily plan means that I can keep myself productive as I know what I am doing therefore stopping me from becoming lazy or procrastinating throughout the day, unlike other students who may not plan their day out, as soon as I get to school I can immediately just do the work I planned to do rather then looking around and wasting time thinking about it.

Another strength of mine is my perseverance, I have a very positive work ethic and I am very hard working. having this skill is very helpful because It means I am always striving to do as much as I can and is eager not only to do more but learn more. Whenever I am assigned work I always make sure to do a little more then what I was asked to do, this enables me to be one step ahead of everyone else. Furthermore I like to give my teachers a good impression of me. During my Final major project I wrote extra essays about topic I have researched to improve my grade, this ended being very useful because when I run out of ideas or words for my other work I could just use those, and that really saved me a lot of time.

Another strength of mine is my self awareness and self regulation, through personal experiences I have been able to develop an emotional barrier which enables me to have very good control of my emotions and what peoples perception of me is. This has been very useful for me especially when in professional and serious situations because it means that I know how to have mature conversations with people. But not just that I can separate a professional environment from an unprofessional environment and know when it’s time to be more social and care free. However I did not always have this skill, After being in a lot of uncomfortable situations I was able to learn a lot about different people and the way they act and react in certain scenarios. This skill in particular will be very useful for me in journalism career, for example when doing interviews of debates with other people.

One of my weaknesses is my motivation, although I do a lot of work when I am working, I takes me a while to get their. Sometimes I allow my personal issues to really affect my life. I can also be very over critical of myself. This is my weakness because their has been a couple of scenarios in my life where I have not done something I wanted to do or was supposed to do because I was lacking that self confidence. Im my first year I was supposed to go to a radio station to discuss a video I made about religion and drill music, However because I was going through a lot of personal issues I did not, I missed out on a really good opportunity and let some people down.

My second weakness is my goal setting, I’m not good at making long term goal plans and goals for myself, this is a weakness for me because I want to learn how to be more secure in all aspects of my life such as emotionally and financially. Setting long term goals means that I have something to strive towards and wont become too comfortable with my present circumstances. I want to constantly be improving myself and my life. I want to have a successful career in Journalism, but what if that does not work out, I need to have multiple plan incase the other something goes wrong.

My third weakness is that sometimes I can be very insensitive, Overall I am a very empathetic person, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to get into the line of Journalism, because I wanted to learn about different people’s lives and cultures. But when it comes to other topics not so much.

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