Overall conclusion

As a result of all my writing on the topics Feminism, Desensitisation of society, Political correctness, beauty standards, R kelly documentary and the vegan community I have decided that the topics I prefer the most is Feminism, Desensitisation of society, political correctness and beauty standards. Feminism has always been a topic that has fascinated me the most. When addressing the topic of feminism and the aspects of it that I am going to talk about, which is Third wave feminism, promiscuity and the affects it has had on men, women and society. I found the the actions that many feminists have is very contradictory to their original purpose which is for the equality of the the sexes. But I also intend to not only give the public/students opinion but mine also as I would maybe give a more in depth opinion. If I were to base my final major project on Desensitisation of society, I will have a more in depth view on the affects on the youth as I am also the youth. The topic itself is not as broad as my other topics and I do not know the scientific psychological effects of viewing violent or pornographic material, so my documentary is going to be based more on how google and media perpetuates the distribution of this bad material and the social effects it has on people/youth. If I was to base my final major project on Political correctness, I would be able to discuss a topic and add a more unique perspective to it that others may not, When doing my research I want to find out more about how political correctness is very hypocritical to different groups of people for example, allows people from the LGBT or black lives matter group to say comments that I would not allow for example white people to say and give specific examples of this. This would be a harder topic to get personal evidence of unless I was to attend political events, unfortunately there are no events going on in the time span I have available, so instead I would have to use a lot of footage from the internet. If I was to base my project on beauty standards, I would address the affects of beauty standards on men and women and how society and the media has contributed to the distribution or unhealthy beauty standards, I am going to find and use factual statistics in my documentary and have shots from students saying their personal opinion on the topic, and how it has affected them personally. Although I do think that beauty standards overall can have negative affects on people, and we should have more inclusivity when it comes to gender, race, height and size to an extent. I also think that we should accept that peoples appeal to more attractive people is just something that is more biologically natural and cant be changed. I think people should just try to be as physically appealing as they can etc. If I was basing my project on the R kelly documentary, I would do a review on the documentary as well as my own extra research and opinion on the artist and case. If I was basing my project on the vegan community, I would write about the growth and decline in the veganism community and how it has been used by many people as a way to profit rather then to then encourage the ethical/positive purpose of it. I will also talk about the negative and positive affects on health while on the vegan diet etc. If I based my project on black people in western society, I would ask the public their opinions of racism and treatment of different races, to find out whether or not people think there is still a big problem with racism in the world.

I am going to conduct interviews on teachers and other students on the topics Feminism, Desensitisation of society, Political correctness and beauty standards. based on those results I will decide which two topics to research about further.

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