The post review

The post is a film that heavily covers the topics feminism and women in the working industry. These themes are portrayed through the life of the character Katharine Graham, who struggles to cope with the scrutiny and high demands of being a women in such a powerful and stressful position, a position by the way she was only able to gain due to the death of her husband. Very early on in the film Katharine is portrayed to be a very insecure character, as she repeatedly tries to revise and perfect her lines for a meeting about her company. The audience finds of that the company is in fact struggling, and Katharine is being pressured by other colleagues to open up her business to other people. There is an obvious awkwardness when Katharine attends the meeting with the other men, as she feels some what inferior to them. This could however be due to multiple reasons. Was she insecure because she is a woman? or because she was given her position by default.



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