Transgender athletes

After winning the US presidency, as Biden’s first executive order to stop discrimination in female sports he signs a bill which allows transgender people/women to compete in any biological sport. This caused a lot of outrage amongst the public, in particular female athletes as they felt like trans women could hijack their sport and eventually replace them and their possibility of achieving their athletic goals.

In order for transgender athletes to participate in sports they have to have hormone therapy for at least 12 months prior to their competition of a 10 Nano moles per litre. This should also be backed up by specialist evaluations that prove their testosterone levels is no threat to their biological/female competitors natural or unnatural. But they don’t require transgender people to have done gender reassignment surgery, which means changing their genitals to appear more as the gender they’re identified as. They’re only required to have gone through hormone therapy. However, recent studies show that transgender female athletes still have an athletic advantage even a year after hormone therapy.

This topic has been the cause of many heated discussions on both sides. Most arguing that the physical advantage biological men have over biological women is undeniable, and that it makes them superior in physical sports so therefore it is unfair for them to participate amongst or against biological women.

Studies show that biological men are naturally longer, taller, and have a higher muscle mass even minuscule differences such as the size of the heart. Men naturally have larger hearts than women, which means their endurance is better as they can pump blood through their body more efficiently. Biological men also have a smaller pelvis than a woman so that would give them a slight advantage in cycling.

In 2018 this topic was put to the forefront when two teenage trans athletes Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood dominated in high school track and field championships in Connecticut taking 1st and 2nd place. Other students and parents objected towards it calling men competing as biological women “cheating” and “Insane”. This, however, isn’t the first time that a trans athlete has dominated in female sports.

In 2014 transgender female athlete Fallon Fox, who was an MMA fighter fought against her biological female competitor Tamikka Brents. The fight lasted a little over two minutes because the referee was forced to halt the contest after Fallon fox brutally defeated her opponent by fracturing her skull, as a result Tamikka had to receive several staples to her head and also had a concussion.

Mack Briggs wrestling, a transgender Male teen (biological female who identifies as male) won the Texas regional championship after his opponent refused to participate. In order to transition to appear male Mack must take testosterone regularly. In all sports testosterone is considered a supplement and is banned, as they can increase your muscle strength, mass, density and overall athletic performance. So, this case stirs up some contradiction.

This, along with many others, such as Hannah Mooney (Handball), Mark Gregory (Powerlifting) and Rachel McKinnon (Cycling) etc. As of recently there has been some push back, which subsequently led to 26 states considering imposing a bill to ban trans students from competing in women’s sports. Mississippi has already signed a bill into law, and South Dakota is close to following.

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