Evaluation and reflection


When I first started my Final Major project my first objective was to do as much research as possible, I also wanted to sign up for social events. I downloaded and signed up for the app Meet up and from there I was able to see the various events going on around London. My goal was to find a protest or rally event  hopefully about the London stabbings, however that was very far fetched. Unfortunately but Unexpectedly there was not any events related towards desensitization or violence. So that door was closed, The one advantage I had was that I was a student and regularly went to a college which has a lot of young people. As my documentary mainly focuses on young people, the effects desensitization has on them and social media which is mainly used by young people, this would be useful. During my time attending college I have noticed a lot and heard a lot of conversations between my peers that sometimes shock me. A consistent them between the lifestyles of most of my peers seems to be drugs, violence and promiscuity. Although this wont be immediately linked with the porn and violence consumption on the internet I do think that it plays a very big roll. I wanted to use my project to look into this further and see how much impact these websites have.

In my documentary there is a specific type of mood that I want to make my audience feel and I make it obvious immediately into my documentary with the use of the warning/caution beginning. By using this intro I immediately make my audience uncomfortable and excited because they are nervously anticipating what I am about to show them on my documentary. I follow the intro with a slow dark scene and a bang which may startle them and catches their attention further. I included multiple graphic scenes/footage’s in my documentary with the intention of shocking my audience I want to make sure when they go home my documentary/video is the one they remember the most. In my last documentary I included calm scene transitions so that the audience would have time to collect themselves, however I do not intent to do that this time. Instead of calm scene transitions I am going to trick my audience by including loud noises bangs between each transition to shock and scare them. Because my editing skills are not very good I struggled a lot when using software’s like Premiere Pro and trying to add effects to particular scenes in my documentary. Editing probably took me a lot longer then other student, that was another reason why I edited scenes individually. I have had situations while doing work before where the document would disappear or accidentally get deleted, so to avoid this I edit scenes individually and then I combine them. This did cause a problem though, because I had so many different Premiere pro pages, whenever I finished editing a scene I would immediately upload it onto my YouTube.

I had a plan with my documentary that I wanted to have some dark videos which created a lot of problems, the main problem was trying to get these videos. My intent was to use the best gore website to find and download the videos of the mosque attack etc and suicide reel. Unfortunately it would not work, the first thing I tried to do was download the video from my phone tab, but whenever I did it always showed as a document instead of the video, and whenever I tried to open up the link from the document on the school computer it would not let me because of safe filters etc. The initial plan went completely differently then how I intended it to so I had to rely on a lot of already made and filtered videos that other people made, although I just removed some scenes and the audio. When it came to the last couple of days because I did not have the school computer and Adobe software, I had to download an editing app on my phone to cut the final video of my documentary and combine them together. But as a result of using those apes the videos had the app logo I had to watch a lot of commercials to remove them the whole process was long. Furthermore I was unaware of the app, effects and how to navigate it so it took me a while just trying to get comfortable with the app alone. Another problem was that I did not know how to use the app to get an audio onto the video. I remember using an app years ago that allowed me to create audio on it and app it as well. I had to create a audio from my phone using my voice recorder and add it using the music section instead. In the end I was able to some what create a video/documentary despite the odds although I was very unhappy with it in the end I have something to present. I was also unable to invest the amount of time I needed into this documentary as I was very occupied with my other subjects.

Explaining scenes in documentary ;

The first scene in my documentary after my intro shows a show reel of fights, I made sure to include a variety of fights for example one of the fights is of black people another Italy etc to show that violence is a big problem in all countries and communities. I wanted to begin my documentary this way in order so that I can some what infer to the audience what the documentary is going to be about, if they had not already reached a conclusion from the intro warning. The second scene in my Documentary is scenes from another documentary. I had downloaded a scene of Naika a teenage girl who had committed suicide by hanging on a live stream, The video was from YouTube it did not show the hanging scene it showed scenes from before it happened. When I was editing there was not a feature on the app that allowed me to cut in between the documentary. The scenes after show popular incidences where people have committed suicide and peoples reaction from it.