post production

Editing ;

Editing Feminism cringe scene, my goal was to take a piece of footage from another video and add a soundtrack behind it in order to make it more comical.

I tried to use an app on my phone to trim a piece of footage for my video but it did not work, every time I finished cutting the video and saved it and tried to save it the footage would only be 3 seconds when I wanted it to be 30, and showed a clip which I did not want. I might download another app which will be more accurate. I have tried to use others before but they always show the app logo on the bottom of the screen and it distracting and ugly in my opinion. I would edit straight from premiere pro but I need to footage to be trimmed otherwise I want have enough space to send the footage to my computer from my phone. Plus I cant download from the school computer because the websites are not allowed in the school premises.

I was able to use another computer in the school building and download the video, this is the video I will be downloading.

I went to trim to 11:40 to 12:00 around to have 30 seconds, I want to specific scene where the woman is shouting. I am going to use adobe after effects to trim my video.

pp 1

pp2Trimming my video on Adobe after effects was very quick and easy, all I had to do was drag the timeline down to cut the video this make the software aware that this is all I wanted the video to show. The footage I trimmed ended up being a bit longer than 30 seconds though.


This was when I was rending my video so that I would have that specific trimmed scene. I did not want to Edit all my scenes all at once in order so that the process would not be messy.


It worked !!!

Now I am going to trim my other piece of footage this footage shows a suffragette getting trampled by a horse. This is the video that I will be trimming.

I want to trim the video from 06:00 to 06:17 (17 seconds)





I used the same process for trimming and rending as I did for my Feminism cringe video.

Now I am going to add music to the back of my footage I want to have is music in background slowly increasing in volume (Carl off – O Fortune – Carmina burana) (23 or 24 seconds ), I am going to add this music using Adobe After effects. I will use the mp3 downloaded audio version of the song to do this.

download video 2.png

download video 3.png

I tried to download the footage as an mp3 but it did not work, I also tried to do it the mp4 way but that did not work either for some reason. Im going to have to find an app on my phone to trim the video I only need 17 seconds of it.

I was able to get the music downloaded and onto the video i have to do the same for the Feminism horse video.

dd 1.png




Im going to combine this soundtrack with my Feminism horse video and make only the audio appear so that the soundtrack is not visible.




Music arrangement if any ;

Rendering (Saving the film into a file format) ;

Marketing and distribution ;


Special effects ;