Target audience ;

Your target is the demographic of people who are most likely to watch your video. For example the target audience for a toy store would be very young children, They will try to appeal to them by using bright colors to catch their attention or show images of other children smiling or laughing to relate to them and convince them that this toy is what they need to be happy. Your target audience is very important because you will need a committed group of people to consistently support your project or product, it is important you use strategies to relate to your audience and keep their attention. For example nets say MacDonald’s drastically increased the prices of their products. They would lose their audience because the majority of people who buy there food are buying it because it is cheap, Most people who have a lot of money to spend on food buy food of higher quality that is healthier etc. In order to find your Target audience for example a film, you have to think about the type of film you are presenting and how it relates to or fulfills people, example for my documentary someone who does not use social media apps for example Facebook, would find it almost completely useless because it is something that wont affect them as it does not apply to their lifestyle. furthermore a product like soap or toiler paper very rarely would have or need a target audience as it is a product that everyone uses. My main target audience is the youth, This is because the topic I am going to be talking about is desensitization and how the media had contributed to it etc, and social media is something that is mostly used and relates to young people. However anyone can watch this documentary if the want to.

Advantaged/disadvantages of putting presentation on YouTube ;

Capture attention ; 

Around a billion people use YouTube every month, so undeniably it is a lot easier to contact different people on that platform

Free to Use ;

YouTube is completely free to use. YouTube red a subscription-based music streaming service, is not.) You can make an account or link your Gmail, then upload or watch as many videos as you’d like. You can also engage with other YouTubers by commenting or liking and sharing videos.

 Measurable Analytics ;

On a high level, the YouTube view counter gives you a good idea of the success of your video. If your view count is in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, you’ve got a viral video on your hands. Like many social media platforms, YouTube’s analytics let you do deeper tracking. There, you can review where your viewers came from, and even see which country likes your videos the most.

Huge Audience (and Less Competition ;

Millions of people watch YouTube each day. If you craft a short but compelling video you could get new customers. The audience potential on YouTube alone is huge. When you share your video on other social media platforms as part of a robust social content strategy, the numbers only go up.

Unprofessional Reputation ; 

We mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: YouTube is still mostly known as a means to kill time. The platform doesn’t have the most professional reputation. That’s changed somewhat with YouTube Red, and it should continue to change in the future.

Commenting Free-for-All ;

YouTube comment wars erupt on many videos, especially popular ones. If your video does go viral, your comments section could be hijacked by those who want attention. Comments can sometimes turn sexual and violent. You certainly don’t want your company associated with that.

Leveraging the Advantages ; 

YouTube can be a valuable tool, especially when used with other social media marketing. Here are some tips for leveraging YouTube to your advantage

If I showcase my documentary at my college I have a limited audience but I can see the audiences reaction first hand.