Problem solving

Practical problems ;

While in the process of creating my documentary I faced a very big problem. When I was trying to download the videos from the best gore website, I found it very difficult to. That was because the file that I had downloaded was a video instead of a document. When I went to lesson I had to download my videos again that I could from YouTube to begin the process of editing.  If the video was from YouTube I knew already that I could just use video converter or Y2mate.

When I was trying to download the videos from Best gore and I could not, because I had to look through so many suicide videos and other extreme videos and images I started feeling very uneasy and had to stop and take a break and that prolonged the process of creating my video.

When I was editing my videos a problem I faced often was, when I was editing for a long time on the Premiere pro the video would suddenly just delete itself. To stop this from happening and to prevent myself from losing my work again I would edit scenes individually, for example I would get one fight video and edit that one 3 to  second scene by itself, continuing the process with the other videos. Then when I was done I would combine them all quickly and send it to myself gmail to make sure I did not lose it and if I did I know I would have it on my emails as back up.

Theoretical problems ; 

I knew that when having a documentary idea so far fetched that problems would be very close by. One thing I worried about was, that the material I was showing could get me in trouble because it is very violent ( copyright). Secondly it just feels morally wrong to use someones suicide video. I need to make sure I have another idea at hand in case this one does not work out.

My first documentary plan was to take interviews from the public to put onto my documentary, unfortunately I lacked the confidence to do so. Furthermore It was very unlikely the people I wanted to interview would want to be interviews or would even allow me to use the footage for my documentary, I made sure that I had multiple plans in place in case the interviews I got did not reach my expectations. Another thing I was worried about when taking public interviews was the authenticity. Because I am a black female asking them questions about desensitisation would there opinions be filtered.

Technical problems ; 

Because the best scenes in my documentary will be almost completely reliant on the website bestgore/orgish, I am worries that the videos will not be allowed because I do not have assured permission to use them. Another problem I might face with using this website is that I may not be able to find the videos I want. To avoid this problem I am going to try and find other websites online that have the same content to download my videos, another solution is to consider other videos on for example YouTube that I may be able to use instead as a replacement. This is the last thing I want to do because I know that If I have to use a YouTube video it will be a video that has been already edited by another person, rather then a raw version. I want to make sure that I am doing as much of the editing as possible.