Idea 3 ( Feminism)




Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. I have noticed that in the 21st western society feminism has become something other then what its intended purpose was first supposed to be. This is what my documentary is going to show. I intend to show just how hypocritical and biest many modern day white feminist are. It’s obvious that in other countries such as African and Asia (Middle Eastern) communities that Feminism and advocacy of women is essential due to the lack of rights and poor treatment that many girls and women have to succumb to. Due to religion and men in their countries. In my opinions I feel that women in Western society once did have problems that still today would not be comparable to other women around the world but are problems never the less. Such as they were forced to where certain clothes. Stay in their homes and clean, cook and look after their children and where often discriminated by other in schools and work. But now Western women hardly have much to complain about other than the wage gap which hardly applied to 90 percent of the occupations. As many English women don’t believe In Feminism and are slowly losing interest in it as a whole I would like to ask regular women of all ages their opinions on Feminism, and whether or not there are things with in our society which stop women from being in the same league as men. In particular women in Barking and Westminster, but not only will I present the bad sides of feminism but I will also show how beneficial Feminism is and how much of a positive impact it can have on women. Such as it makes women want to look after one another and encourage one another to look after each other. But it may also make other women globally see and want to get out of any abusive or bad conditions that they are in themselves. But honestly just how much can protesting and arguing do to better other people lives unless there is actual money involved. As a female myself who would like a pursue a career in media which is run and mostly occupied by men this topic will be a personal one to touch as I see just how likely it will be for me to get into the Journalism/Media industry as a Black Female.


If I do use this topic for my project I would like to attend feminist rally’s and talk and also see address the close link between feminism and lgbt community and the conspiracy theory with it.  Also the negatives and positives between them. Unlike my other ideas if I choose this one the majority of it will be interviews and very few personal opinions’ will ask family, Friends and strangers how they feel and also men as I know many men have strong opinions on this topic as well, as they feel they are being emasculated.


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