My YouTube channel pre production video 2 plan : Unit 10 Colorism

PreProduction ;

Topic ;


Idea ;

I am going to make YouTube videos about Social issues, and talk about my opinions or conduct interviews. My videos wont show my face I am just going to be talking, and show pictures relating to the topic. My first video will be about school, my school experiences and how to get by.

Video length ; 

20 to 30 minutes

My audience + how I will appeal to them ; 

Anyone mostly ethnic minorities I am going to appeal to this audience by including images of ethnic minorities, specifically images of people in black communities a light skin and dark skin woman beside one another. When people see the title along ‘colorism’ I think that will be the main thing that will draw my audience to my video.

Planning for a YouTube video ;

Video 2; Colorism

Script; (Me talking throughout)

Introduction ; 

Hello my name is Bernelda and today I am going to be making a video about Colorism and its affects on the black community and people.

Firstly I would like to mention that Colorism is an issue that affects all communities both asian and black communities (communities affected by colonisation).

Tips for the black community ; 

1 ; Be the victor not the victim, many people within the black community believe that to this day their is  ‘a greater being’ that is over them and stopping them from being able to achieve certain things in there lives such as love and work. This premise may have been a thing before but it definitely is not now. I think the main thing holding many people back especially black men is choices, many black men will prioritise violence and sex over an education and stability. Furthermore the decisions you make such as who you choose to date and have children with is something that is within your control. This will help colorism because if black people can achieve a bit more in their lives and have a better community we can change the image of our community.

2 ; The mate you choose is a decision you should not take lightly, there is a staggering amount of single mothers in the black community, and study after study shows that a child benefits the most from being in a two parent household and having both a mother and a father. In the black community celibacy and marriage is not something that is encouraged a lot in the community sometimes the premise is completely ignores, If black parents can change the way the children view relationships it will have a drastic affect on the black community.

3 ; We need more positive representation for black women, for example creating magazine and presenting attractive dark skin women could improve the self esteem of other black women. Often on the media their is two ways that black women are often represented as, one way is overweight and aggressive and the other way is over sexualised with extremely curvy oiled up bodies.

4 ;

Feedback ;

Teacher ;

To include a lot of context and evidence because this is a very deep topic, and to make sure I know who my audience is because I may make other people not want to follow my channel.


Final product;


First image…


Second image…


Third image…

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Fourth image …


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