Research Feedback

I asked another student and a parent what they thought of my three ideas, they both said that they felt these where the most intriguing ideas, if I were pursue either one of them because they are very broad topics and they are topics that I research often in my spare time, there would be multiple topics within those individual topics that I could address. Once they looked through my research and listened to what I wanted to do with each topic both my peer and mother said that they felt that, Feminism was best because from the prospective that I want to present it which is the negative, not a lot of people have wrote about that and that makes it more interesting among the others. Example Black people in western society is a good idea however many people have talked about it and its overdone the same can be said with religion.This was very useful information as I was already going to do Feminism but now hearing that many people prefer the idea Feminism it finalizes my decision.

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