Task 1 :social media:

For many Young people their lives are some what centered around social media and getting attention from other people. whether it is positive or negative everyone seems to be obsessed with wanting social approval and gaining gratification from it. People always want to present their best selves. By taking pictures where they look their best and going holidays or doing various activities such as bowling and shopping to present a certain image of themselves, that is solely positive.Age groups and genders also present themselves or their lives in different ways. For example a Younger person between the ages of 16 to 20 may take very provocative/revealing pictures of themselves, where as someone over that age 30 above is less likely to present revealing pictures of themselves. They may just post subtle pictures of themselves at dinners or events with friends. Since the rise of various social agendas, people are more open to posting negative pictures of themselves.


people may automatically believe that they have a dislike for a certain type of people or person based on what they did. This may affect them in the future  if they want to do a professional job as future employers will think that they are unprofessional and can not handle themselves in stressful situations. Furthermore other competing businesses   or businesses in general may see this and may then have a negative overall opinion on the company. This will also affect them daily, as the person is a celebrity and there activity is monitored by fans, this will affect them getting future sponsors , the sponsors they already have and hinder people who want to support them. When an individual makes negative comments and uses words which have connotations to a certain group of people, and protest they are using it in a different context. whether they are or not people can then use those messages as they wish and if someone does not know that individual already they will immediately think of them in a negative way. Younger impressionable audiences may think that it is okay to behave in this way, But they forget that these people are celebrities and they work in the media so when they act inappropriately that is okay, because that helps their business and wont affect them to the extent as someone who is for example striving to be an accountant or working in any office job. Recently popular makeup influencer/YouTuber Laura lee’s old racist tweets were exposed. She made comments such as “Tip for all black people if you pull ur pants up you can run from the police faster”, as a result she made a very over dramatic apology video which only hindered her image further.Before this incident she had around 5 million subscribers but her followers plummeted to around 4,400,000 in the space of a couple of days. This is an example of how certain opinions oR comments can drastically affects an individuals personal brand. Now many people may be turned off from following because of these past comments.


pictures like this can also be very problematic, if an employee was to have a pictures like this on any of their social media accounts does not matter whether it is old or new, if people saw this picture and they knew you worked for a particular business this could represent them very badly. Also bad people (perverts) could see this picture and use it as they wish if it is public (revenge porn). Or may judge her negatively and perceive her character to be a way that it is not. pictures like this specifically for women can be very bad especially if she is working in a male dominated field, as she can make herself more susceptible to abuse.

Image result for bad social media pictures drinking

This is another example of something not to present on your social media. This video to family or friends may look harmless but to other people could be a big turn off. Some businesses may appreciate the fact that an individual can be very productive in a social environment. But exposing yourself with dozens of alcohol could imply that you have a drinking problem and go out to drink often. Future employers will see this as a problem because they will view you as unreliable and an alcoholic.

From this lesson I was able to research the different types of ways people present themselves on social media. I can use this knowledge in the future to prevent myself from making the same mistakes, as I want to be a Journalist my social representation is very important. I need to make sure I do not say views that may seem controversial or hurtful to some people.




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