Overall conclusion;

Religion has always been a topic that has fascinated me the most, when addressing the main Religions and aspects of Religion that I would like to talk about the most, which is Islam ( Muslim), Christianity and the stereotypes and perceptions people have about both of them. Such as due to media their is a negative perception of Muslims and an mysterious perception of Christianity. But I also intend to give my underlying opinion on how both religions are very corrupt and how this most of all affects children (innocence).If I were to base my project on black people in Western society, the advantages are that I will have more unique perspective as my doc will be based in England and have English views. Furthermore the topic itself is very broad therefore there are many ways I could address the situation or go into it, which may be more beneficial in the future, as if I want to have a lengthy documentary I can address another aspect of the topic. If I where to base my topic on the Sexualisation of children, the advantages are that I will be able to discuss a topic that many dont or do not believe or know about. Although The sexualisation of children would be a very unusual and therefore more refreshing topic to talk about. Because it is a very controversial and border line conspiracy theory topic it wont be easy to get real evidence on it, Furthermore because I am a child and they dont have a Disneyland.I have been to Disneyland Paris but that still would not matter because I wont know how to get the evidence I need, and I would prefer to use an American Disneyland. Another one of the topics I was going to do was The Feminisation of men, most of the evidence I would need would have to be from YouTube, I could visit a gym and talk to people there, as people at the gym care about there health and appearance therefore they have a like mind. However I dont think the men there would be comfortable or brave enough to talk to a teenage girl about their sexuality and feelings. Lastly to even get the chance to enter a gym I would have to pay a lot of money, and I most likely wont even go there for more than two or three days. and my mom would not be comfortable with me travelling far alone just to go to a gym to talk to adults(men). In 2018 Londons crime rate seems to be the main issue being presented in media, in the beginning of 2018 alone There have been over 60 knife crimes so many that we have a higher crime rate then New York, if I were to address this issue further I intend to talk about specifically, why so many young minorities (blacks) tend to be the main ones committing these crimes and what societal and family problems cause so may young black men in particular to commit these crimes or become a statistic of death. This topic would definitely give me the ability to talk to many young children ( teenagers ) around my college West minister and where I live ( Barking ) and ask them questions such as how this has impacted them , and whether or not they know someone who had died or been attacked,.

When over viewing the aspects of each of my ideas, I was able to give very brief descriptions on each of the topics and my opinion.I have chosen 3 topics I would like to research further which are Religion,Feminism and Black people in Western society from those three I will choose which one to pursue.

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