Overall conclusion;

I asked 10 people the same questions relating to Religion, Black people in society and Feminism. The beginning of my survey for all my questions asked very personal questions, I did this purposely in order to make the respondent feel cornered and answer the questions more personally as they are reflecting of their lives as well. When the respondents where answering my Religion questions, many of them were very aware of the issues going on involving Religion and although none of them have had a personal experience with Terrorism or knew someone who had experienced Terrorism, although they were shy it was very evident that they all had strong set views on Religion in particular Muslims due to medias presentation of them. When I asked them about the first word that came to mind when they heard the word Islam/Muslim they all said Terrorism, and the ones who did not said that the word Terrorism immediately came to their mind, however they did not want to say it because they did not want to offend people. And when I asked people about the first word that came to their mind when they hear the word Christianity, They all took their time to give an answer because they were unsure what to say, even though they where unsure none of them had negative feelings towards the Religion. The most unusual answer I had received from the respondents, was for the personal questions that asked what where their Religion and whether they went to church or prayed regularly. Strangely many of the people who said they where Religious did not practice their religion or incorporate it into their lives daily. which is odd I think many people in today’s society because of all the temptation find it difficult to keep Religion persistently within their lives. And due to busy schedules cant even find the time to go to church, others dont go to church because they say they do not like the atmosphere.

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