Pre production

Idea ; Desensitisation of society

My audience ;

Anyone could view my video, but because my documentary is going to be mostly about the affects of desensitisation on Young people. My target audience is mostly young people.

How will I appeal to that audience ;

I am going to include a click-bait title like “all youths must watch”, my video itself is going to consists of a lot of videos and images from google many of which is about social media. which is something that is commonly used by young people, furthermore most of other images and videos are going to include young people so that is another reason why the video will appeal to young people because, you are more likely to watch something that you think is about yourself.

Video Script ;

Introduction ; 30 seconds long ( allow people to exit if they want to)

Caution this video is going to consist of a lot of violent videos and images so if you are one of the faint of heart I advise you do not watch. And  I  will be talking about desensitization and the effects it has on people.

5-10 minutes

Part 1
Quick show reel of social media fights( music in background) 5 to 10 seconds

Scene 1 ; Introduction audio ( Footage ( Chinese car crash little girl ))
Script ; 30 secs to 1 mins long

This video was set in China, In this video you will see a very young child being run over twice while being ignored by the public, many Chinese people did not help because they did not want to be responsible for the hospital bill costs because they are very high. In China many people place very little value on other human life even young children.

Scene 2 ; (Footage ( Girl stripped in house for weed ))
Script ; 30 secs to 1 mins long

This video is set in America, In this video you will see multiple people holding hostage and abusing a woman. Many of the perpetrators forced the victim to strip meanwhile they were mocking and laughing at her.

Fighting culture (WorldStarHipHop)

Scene 3 ; (Footage (Logan Paul incident ))
Script ; 30 secs to 1 mins long

In this video in Japan, Popular American You Tuber Logan Paul is seen taking a video of a dead body meanwhile laughing and making jokes about its appearance. obviously this video caused a lot of outrage in the media and by adults as the majority of his followers/subscribers are very young children. strangely enough it was Logan Paul himself who removed the video not YouTube. To some people this was very hypocritical as YouTube shows themselves to be taking great strives in their censorship.

Scene 4 ; (Footage of mosque attacks)

Script ; 30 secs to 1 mins long

This incident was set in New Zealand and as you can see … he live streamed the whole incident like it was an accomplishment, live streaming violence however this is not a unique, their are dozens upon dozens of videos where people live stream fights, other crimes and suicides. 

Live stream suicide reel (music in background) 5 to 10 seconds

2nd script plan ;

Introduction ;

Script ; 5 to 10 seconds

scene 1 ; (Warning/caution page) Warning this video will contain violent footage))

Script ; 1 to 5 minutes long

Scene 2 ; suicide reel

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth between the ages of 15 to 24, the live streaming of suicide in particular has become very popular among people around the world. The past couple of years there has been a huge amount of live streamed suicides. Many people within my generation live most of their lives on social media so its not unusual for them to also show their worst selves on there as well.

Script ; 1 to 5 mins long

Scene 3 ; Suicide reel

Before social media and the internet many people before who ere considering or about to commit suicide would write notes as a way of expressing themselves, and so do people of our generation as well , we naturally crave attention from others. I bet many have come online hoping for attention and a will to live and have gotten the exact opposite instead dozens of people watching them live a spectacle waiting to see what happens rather then trying to stop it.



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