Damien omen 11 analysis;


I have chosen to analyse the the scene from the film Damien,the scene i have chosen to analyse was the scene when the raven attacks the women.The music in this scene was particularly intriguing as it was an exact reflection on what was going on and is almost a subliminal message.The scene first begins where the woman is driving in her car and it breaks down.The music plays real sounds and the audience is able to hear the woman’s car and the weather.This makes the scene haunting because as something is happening the creater wants the audience to pay specific attention towards certain aspects of the scene so the audience is more tense.When the woman is trying to start her car we can hear this very fast paced soundtrack.Of a violin and and piano,This further emphasizes the mood that the actress is in as the music is very fast paced meanwhile the woman is rushing to start her car.When the woman looks ahead towards the houses(church) the music stays at once key.This could be used to infer that the building ahead is where she needs to go, or also a subliminal message that a death is going to occur soon.Then she sees a Bird(Raven) on her car and the music changed very suddenly ,just as suddenly as the bird appeared. The pace increased rapidly and the pitch of the music is a lot deeper and we begin to hear real sounds again.Sounds of the Bird shouting as it frantically chases the woman down the street. Throughout the piece real (surrounding) sounds are played however the volume it plays is different.The composer has intentionally did this in order to make the audience feel tense as they can not fully make out what they are hearing and therefore feel out of their comfort zone.Once the woman is attacked the camera pins out and shows nature, and the music drifts slowly.As the woman is trying to claw her way out of the ditch.The theme of omen plays (demonic) Weirdly the tempo of the music is quite upbeat and happy although the pitch and volume is deep and scary.This infers that her death will be a triumph and someone wants her to die.This may make the audience feel very concerned and they are forced to feel sympathy for the victim.As soon as the victim dies the music immediately changes and is upbeat and happy.While showing the scene of the children and father playing in the snow.


Overall this is a very interesting soundtrack the audience is supposed to feel hatred for Omen however once shown a scene of omen playing they somehow cant help but feel sympathy as he is just a child.The audience is put on a rollercoaster of emotions through out this scene.And because of the music are made to feel completely on edge although this scene never quite reaches the scare factor.It is very effective at making the audience feel as if something is going to happen, and that can be much more uncomfortable for most.

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