YouTube banner feedback

1st banner feedback

banner 18

Teacher; My teacher said that my YouTube banner is not fit for purpose, It looks a lot like a banner for a business and does not feel professional. He would like the banner to be a lot more simplistic and have cooler colours.

Peer; My Peer said that my YouTube banner, looked like a banner for something children related. They liked my colours, overall outline design contrast and thought that including my social media accounts with interesting. However they did not know what my banner was for. They said I should include something related to YouTube so that people know that is what it is for.

Mother; My Mother said that it is definitely eye catching but there is a lot going on and the design does not relate to YouTube.

Peer; She thought it was pretty however it was a bit to dramatic, and is not fit for purpose.

2nd banner feedback;


Teacher; My teacher said that my work was way to simple which means that it is not eye catching, and cannot be seen from a distance. Furthermore the banner does not represent me and what my channel is going to be about. He also does not like the colour. I need to have more pictures and brighter colours so that my banner is more interesting to look at.

Teacher; Needs to be more eye catching, I should include a picture of myself so that it looks for professional.

Peer; My peer said that she really liked the simplicity of the banner, however it need to be a bit more appealing to the audience, and it does not infer that it is a YouTube video.It need to relate more to YouTube.

Mother; The banner is not very fit for purpose and does not reflect as something that is going to be used for YouTube.

Peer; The banner is nice but it related to YouTube, I should add more social media links to make it look more professional.

3rd banner feedback;

Artboard 17png




Peer; Said that she liked my banner

Mother;  Should have added more colours to my banner rather then just pink.



Conclusion ;

I am happy with the banner I choose however I do wish I had the confidence to add an image of myself on it, I was able to learn more about different types of software while creating my banner’s, this will help me with my final major project.

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