Evaluation recreating chocolate;

When trying to recreate the sounds within chocolate I faced a lot of difficulties, One of them was trying to find the right equipment. A main sound within chocolate was her leg hitting against various parts of the human body. I had decided that in order for things to be a lot easier I would use similar equipment and change the power in which I used the. For example for the hitting sounds I was going to use a stuffed pillow.When the main character was hitting a leg with a lot of momentum I will stuff the pillow more and hit against a bed with a lot power. Where as if she is hitting against someone’s stomach or side that would be a lot lighter, Therefore I would use the pillow a lot more lightly, As all the other characters are skinny the sounds you will hear are going to be a lot of more harsh. Compared to someone who is a lot fatter/larger. I first began by recording the least frequent and more difficult sounds such as the character screaming. As I did not want my voice to be recognisable I would have to do a lot more editing on the recording I made myself and make it sounds more lighter ad high pitched. When I was editing I found it very simple as I was well aware of the different features on Logic pro already, the only problem was trying to make the cream sound similar to the actress as she had a completely different pitch and dialect to me as this is a foreign film(asian).

I then decided to record the most frequent sounds which is the hitting sounds, I made 3 different sounds using the stuffed pillow and rolled up piece of paper and edited each of them a further three different ways. In order to create the sounds I wanted I used Logic pro and altered the pitch of the sounds however when I was working with the pillor recording. I used the … to make the noise fill the area more and make it sound more surround sound. This will make my recording sound more interesting.And further emphasise my characters power.

One of the main problems I had with this project was time managment,I was very occupied with other pieces of work therefore I took a very long time to do this one .I did this work at the very last minute.

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