Unit 5 evaluation

Unit 5 was one of the hardest units for me, this is because I was almost completely unaware of the software and music vocabulary. When we first began the course the first thing we did was edit a scene from a film (car chase), because we had just started the course I only edited the footages pitch and volume and included recordings, however I did not think a lot of the recordings where accurate with the event in the scene. When we began editing music, my teacher taught the different features and functions within Logic pro x, such as the audio effect slot, with this effect I was able to make my sounds , sound like they had an echo from the reverb. Another feature I learnt how to use and used often was the Drum kit designer and keyboard editor, this was the most interesting effect because when I wanted to create my own sounds I was not just limited to a normal piano keyboard, This was most useful with the critters recording, when altering the sound I changed my keyboard to alter the sound of the recording, which made things a lot easier when trying to edit as I could change the pitch of the recording by just pressing another key, rathe than having to add the whole pitch effect to each part. This will be very useful for future projects, as if I make a recording I can make the keyboard replicate the sound of my recording and make  interesting sounds. Overall the

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